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SOZH LUKOIL FREO ML 1075IS is a lubricating and cooling technological tool that forms a stable aqueous emulsion.

SOZH LUKOIL FREO ML 1075IS is a lubricating and cooling technological tool that forms a stable aqueous emulsion. Due to the increased emulsification rate, it can be used in systems equipped with automatic mixers. Recommended working emulsion concentrations from 3% to 8%.

Application area

LUKOIL FREO ML 1075 IS coolant emulsions are intended for use in the following metal machining operations: general grinding, turning, milling, drilling, countersink, cutting (sawing). LUKOIL FREO ML 1075 IS is a universal product and is suitable for use both in modern machining centers, various CNC turning and milling machines, and in universal machines. Materials to be processed: cast iron, low carbon and carbon steels, alloyed steels, aluminum and its alloys, as well as copper and alloys. It can also be used for pressing and molding operations in low-tonnage production.


  • It is made on the basis of highly refined mineral oils;

  • It has an increased emulsification rate. Forms a stable water emulsion both with manual mixing and with the use of automatic mixers;

  • It has good lubricating properties, which allow to increase tool durability, reduce production costs and scrap;

  • It has low corrosivity towards ferrous and non-ferrous metals;

  • It has excellent storage stability and high emulsion stability;

  • It is highly resistant to biodegradation;

  • It has a very low tendency to foaming even at high feed pressures, allowing it to reduce the cost of antifoam additives.



  • 18l, 216.5l.


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