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Импортируем на прямую с завода производителя, имеем свой склад. Заказать ЛУКОИЛ ВЕРСО МОТОР 15В-40 цена опт ( уточните по телефону) производитель Lukoil Россия официальный дистрибьютор ООО «Спецсервис Украина»

LUKOIL VERSO Motor 15W-40 is a universal all-season tractor oil for transmission units, hydraulic systems and engines that meets the requirements of the Super Tractor Oil Universal class (STOU). It is made on the basis of highly purified mineral and modern synthetic base oils using a highly effective additive package that provides excellent performance properties of the oil.

Application area

LUKOIL VERSO Motor 15W-40 is recommended for use in engines, transmission assemblies, drive axles, wet brakes and hydraulic systems of equipment that requires “Super Tractor Oil Universal” (STOU) grade oils. Also, the product can be used in the class “Universal Tractor Transmission Oil” (UTTO), however, for such an application there is a universal transmission-hydraulic oil LUKOIL VERSO 10W-30, which meets these requirements to the maximum.

LUKOIL VERSO 15W-40 engine can also be used for a number of other areas, but before using as engine oil for modern high-performance engines, it is necessary to check with the minimum requirements and recommendations of the engine manufacturer.

The versatility of LUKOIL VERSO Motor 15W-40 allows using one product for all systems of modern off-road and other mobile equipment of leading world manufacturers of agricultural and construction equipment. This means simplifying warehouse operations and reducing the likelihood of using unsuitable products.


  • Excellent anti-seize and anti-wear properties;

  • Long and reliable operation of transmission units under high loads in a wide temperature range;

  • Excellent thermo-oxidative stability;

  • Ensuring stable and smooth operation of the friction elements;

  • Reliable engine protection against wear in a wide range of temperatures.


  • 180kg.

Мы надежный поставщик  Lukoil Россия ( Lukoil масла и смазки ). Тут вы можете купить оригинальный продукт ЛУКОИЛ ВЕРСО МОТОР 15В-40 по оптовой цене со 100% гарантией качества.

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