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Multi Purpose Molding Oil Series

LUKOIL LEIER – universal molding oils that facilitate the excavation of concrete products from the forms during casting. Produced on the basis of highly purified mineral base oil and carefully selected multifunctional additive package. LUKOIL LEYER oils have good lubricating and anti-corrosion properties. They have enhanced adhesion with formwork materials and molds for the formation of a reliable lubricating film.

Application area

LUKOIL LEIER is mainly used in the manufacture of products from heavy concrete and monolithic construction.

LUKOIL LEIER is a universal product for the manufacture of concrete elements in wooden, steel or plastic formwork.

LUKOIL LEIER is used in the manufacture of products from porous concrete, foam and gas concrete.

LUKOIL LEYER oils are applied with a brush, roller or brush evenly, in a thin layer, without the formation of oil pools. If too much oil is applied, the surface of the concrete can become dusky, spotty and porous. In order to reduce oil consumption during the production process, it is recommended to apply the oil with a sprayer. To facilitate the work and to optimize the oil consumption when applied by spraying, it is recommended to preheat the oil to a temperature of +50 ° C – +60 ° C.

The use of LUKOIL LEYER oil minimizes the number of scrap, prevents chips, cracks and improves the performance of work.


  • LUKOIL LEYER series oils do not contain substances harmful to humans and the environment;

  • A wide range of viscosities allows for economical oil consumption, taking into account the features of the technology of molding products;

  • The use of specialized additives allows to increase the service life of the forms and to ensure the excellent condition of the working surfaces of the finished products.


  • 180kg


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