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Импортируем на прямую с завода производителя, имеем свой склад. Купить оптом ЛУКОИЛ Кп-8С оптом (цену уточните у менеджера) производитель Lukoil Россия официальный представитель в Украине ООО «Спецсервис Украина»

LUKOIL Kp-8S – mineral high-quality compressor oil. Designed for lubrication of screw and centrifugal compressors. The oil is produced according to the technology and technical conditions developed by VNIINP OJSC (All-Russian Scientific Research Institute for Oil Refining). The oil is made on the basis of highly purified base oils-components (with a low content of sulfur and aromatic hydrocarbons), which, in combination with the composition of highly effective additives, provide high stability to oxidation at elevated temperatures, prevents the formation of deposits and carbon deposits in the discharge line of the compressor, ensuring a high level of operating properties .

Application area

LUKOIL Kp-8S is used to lubricate industrial turbo-compressors of various types, including those equipped with high-loaded drive gearboxes (multipliers) at chemical, oil refining and other industries used for pumping air and various gases. It can be used both in open and closed lubrication circuits.


  • Protects equipment from wear and corrosion;

  • It has high performance;

  • Provides a reduction in operating costs associated with forced downtime of equipment;

  • Demonstrates excellent antioxidant properties, resistance to acid increase, even in the presence of water;

  • It is characterized by an increased service interval.


  • 850kg.


Мы надежный поставщик  Lukoil Россия ( Компрессорные масла ). Тут вы можете купить оригинальный продукт ЛУКОИЛ Кп-8С по оптовой цене со 100% гарантией качества.

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