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Импортируем на прямую с завода производителя, имеем свой склад. Купить оптом ЛУКОИЛ ИГП-114 оптом (цену уточните у менеджера) производитель Ариан Украина официальный представитель в Украине ООО «Спецсервис Украина»

GPI is a series of industrial hydraulic oils, obtained by deep selective cleaning with the addition of additives that improve the performance properties of oils. IGP series oils belong to general purpose alloyed oils. They replace oils without additives in all types of equipment and surpass them in anti-wear, anti-oxidizing and anti-rust properties. The oils of the IGP series provide more long-term protection of the components of the mechanisms of hydraulic systems operating at high working pressures and temperatures, but not requiring high purity of oil.

Application area

IGP series oils cover a wide range of viscosity grades of hydraulic oils. They are most often recommended for lubrication of hydraulic systems working with rotary vane, piston and gear pumps. They can also be used for the lubrication of highly loaded piston and screw compressors, as well as, depending on the viscosity class required, as a universal oil for hydraulic motors, bearings, spindles, etc.


  • Protect equipment from wear and corrosion;

  • Have improved performance properties;

  • Provide reduction in operating costs associated with forced downtime of equipment.


  • 180kg.



Name of the indicator  IGP-141
Density at 20 C, kg / m3 893.3
Kinematic viscosity at 40 ° C, mm2 / s 188.6
Flash point in open crucible, ° С 270
Pour point, ° С -21


Мы надежный поставщик  Ариан Украина ( Индустриальные масла ). Тут вы можете купить оригинальный продукт ЛУКОИЛ ИГП-114 по оптовой цене со 100% гарантией качества.

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