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Импортируем на прямую с завода производителя, имеем свой склад. Купить ЛУКОИЛ ГЕНЕСИС ПРЕМИУМ 5В-40 по оптовой цене (спрашивайте у менеджера) производитель Lukoil Россия официальный поставщик ООО «Спецсервис Украина»

LUKOIL GENESIS PREMIUM 5W-40 is made on the basis of a high-quality synthetic base using a specially developed Lukoil trademark of the advanced technology DuraMax, which gives the package of additives that is part of the oil with unique properties and increased efficiency.

The increase in thermo-oxidative stability made it possible to reduce sludge formation and prevent the occurrence of deposits and thickening of oil throughout the entire service life. Excellent protection against corrosive wear helps maintain engine reliability. Improved detergent and dispersant properties ensure the cleanliness of the piston group and other important engine components.

Application area

LUKOIL GENESIS PREMIUM SAE 5W-40 is the latest generation of synthetic multigrade engine oil. Designed for all-season use in all modern passenger cars, light trucks and minibuses, including cars with high-loaded turbo engines, as well as cars equipped with diesel particulate filters (DPF) and triple-action catalysts (TWC), requiring the use of LowSaps oils. Recommended for servicing cars in the service station.


  • Low oil consumption for waste;

  • High level of antioxidant and anti-corrosion properties;

  • Maximum engine protection against wear in harsh urban cycle conditions;

  • Compatible with systems sensitive to the level of sulphate ash of oils;

  • Adapted for the operation of engines in the field of high speeds and loads;

  • High durability of an oil film during all term of use;

  • Recommended for cars: MB, GM, Renault, Volkswagen, BMW.


  • 180kg.


Name of the indicator Indicator
Density at 15 °C 847,9
Kinematic viscosity at 100 °C 13,4
Pour point °C -41
Flash point in open crucible °C 237


Мы надежный поставщик  Lukoil Россия ( Lukoil масла и смазки ). Тут вы можете купить оригинальный продукт ЛУКОИЛ ГЕНЕСИС ПРЕМИУМ 5В-40 по оптовой цене со 100% гарантией качества.

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