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Engine oil for small-sized two-stroke engines of garden equipment

GARDEN 2T is a modern, high-quality mineral oil intended for use as a component of the oil / fuel mixture of small-sized two-stroke gasoline engines of garden machinery.

Application area

Recommended for use in modern two-stroke engines of garden tools and garden equipment: lawn mowers, chainsaws, motor cultivators, motor-blocks, trimmers, snow blowers, etc. LUKOIL GARDEN 2T is recommended for use in garden equipment Husqvarna, Stihl, Honda, Huter etc.


  • Ensures complete combustion of the fuel-oil mixture without deposition of undesirable formations in the form of soot, soot and varnish on the surfaces of the combustion chamber and exhaust system;

  • Provides free travel to piston rings;

  • It prevents the occurrence of the "glow" (spontaneous) ignition effect, prolonging the service life of the candles;

  • Minimizes the amount of smoke and fumes in the exhaust gases, making it practically smokeless and safer for the environment;

  • Protects motor elements from wear and mechanical damage, preventing their failure;

  • Before use requires dilution with the fuel in the ratio of 1:50 (this proportion is a recommendation, follow the requirements for engine operation).

Packing in bulk

  • 1l.


Name of the indicator Indicator
Kinematic viscosity at 100 ° С, mm2 / s 14,3
Pour point, ° С -16
Mass fraction of sulphate ash,% 0,1

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