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Means to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides of diesel engines

Description AUS 32 "AdBlue" is a tool for selective catalytic neutralization of nitrogen oxides (SCR) installed in diesel cars in order to achieve environmental standards Euro 4 and Euro 5. AUS 32 "AdBlue" is a highly purified urea solution (32.5%) in demineralized water (67.5%). Production of AUS 32 “AdBlue” is strictly regulated to ensure the highest quality of the product from the production stage to the final consumer. The product license was issued by the German Auto Manufacturers Association (VDA) after a thorough production audit, quality control system and product distribution.

Application area

AUS 32 "AdBlue" is used as an additional working fluid in diesel engines equipped with SCR technology. SCR technology is based on the injection of a strictly metered amount of AdBlue reagent into the exhaust gas stream in the presence of a catalyst (vanadium pentoxide), resulting in a chemical reaction of converting nitrogen oxides (NOx) into harmless substances – nitrogen and water. The pour point of AUS 32 "AdBlue" is minus 11 ° C, however, since the SCR system is always equipped with heating, this does not prevent the effective operation of the product. The product does not expand when cured, after thawing does not lose its properties.


  • Reduces nitrogen oxide emissions in diesel engines;

  • It is a solution of urea of the highest degree of purification (32.5%) in demineralized water (67.5%).


  • 10l, 20l, 216,5l.

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