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Импортируем на прямую с завода производителя, имеем свой склад. Купить оптом ЛУКОИЛ АQУАФЛЕX ФГ 2-500 оптом (цену уточните у менеджера) производитель Lukoil Россия официальный представитель в Украине ООО «Спецсервис Украина»

Special waterproof grease for rolling bearings, for use in conditions of accidental or technically unavoidable contact with food and packaging.

Special grease made on the basis of complex calcium sulfonate, white medical base oil and a complex of antioxidant and anti-corrosion additives. LUKOIL AQUAFLEX FG 2-500 grease is registered with NSF International as a lubricant with food tolerance H1 for use in cases where there is a chance of accidental or technically unavoidable contact with food products. It has high tribological characteristics, is capable of operating in a wide range of temperatures (from minus 25 ° C to plus 140 ° C), in conditions of high humidity and in contact with water. The lubricant composition provides high stability of the structure during storage and operation.

Application area

Rolling and sliding bearings. Machine parts and equipment in the food and pharmaceutical industries, which allow technically unavoidable contact of grease with food or packaging. Centralized lubrication systems.



  • Excellent load characteristics;

  • Very good anti-corrosion properties;

  • Excellent water resistance.


  • 20l, 210l.





Мы надежный поставщик  Lukoil Россия ( Lukoil масла и смазки ). Тут вы можете купить оригинальный продукт ЛУКОИЛ АQУАФЛЕX ФГ 2-500 по оптовой цене со 100% гарантией качества.

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Кинем. вязкость при 40 °С

Кинем. вязкость при 100 °С


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